This is a story about courage

This is Peta's story.

On a Saturday in March 2021 there was a strong southern swell and the beaches around the Newcastle region were looking pretty intimidating, especially for beginners. For Peta the feeling of anxiety was strong. Peta had an incredibly traumatic surfing accident and was only just getting back in the water. She joined a group of girls (or as we call them SurfSistas) for a lesson with Port Stephen's Surf School. Despite the large waves breaking out the back, the girls managed to get the absolute most out of the white water, which can only be described as challenging. You wouldn't be able to tell that from the smiles on their faces. Through sheer courage and the support of her Sistas, Peta overcame her fears and showed us all what bravery and determination really mean.

If Peta can do it, so can you... Be like Peta, be a SurfSista.

Images by Marie Charmasson

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